COVID-19 Updates

Updated COVID-19 Protocol

One masked adult allowed to accompany pet into hospital upon the direction of staff.

All COVID guidelines regarding any recent exposure to a person with COVID, being quarantined, having a cough or fever or being ill still apply to clients and staff.  These are for your and our health and safety.  Also, to limit staff close contact to under 15 minutes, nail trims are discontinued.

Please make arrangements with a groomer to have this service performed for your pet.

Health and Safety still top our priority list. These guidelines are for the health and safety of the staff, clients, delivery personnel and most importantly, our patients. If you are sick, have a fever, have a cough, are experiencing respiratory symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with these symptoms or SARS-Corv-19/Corona Virus/COVID-19, please return to your home.

These are the ways we will move forward to continue ensuring we optimize health and safety:

  • The general waiting room will remain closed.
  • When you arrive at the hospital, call 570-758-5130 to alert the receptionist that you are here. If available, an assistant will review information related to your visit at this time over the phone. Otherwise, an assistant will meet you at your vehicle.
  • One mask wearing adult per pet will be escorted by a staff member into the hospital through a side entrance.
  • You will then be admitted to an examination room to minimize social contact.
  • As your appointment is concluded, you will exit the exam room through the front door to your vehicle. The assistant will handle taking payment in addition to reviewing any medications and directions.
  • All of these tasks are time consuming. We still strive to provide individual attention to your pet and you. Please plan on spending time in your vehicle. Bring water for your pet and yourself. There is poor cell service so be prepared by bringing something to do for the occupants of the vehicle-yourself, your pet and your children.
  • There is additional wait time for the additional time spent cleaning between clients.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CARE AND UNDERSTANDING. We will get through this together.